Class Descriptions

Please remember that proper attire is required during all classes.

Creative Dance / Combo

This class introduces young students (ages 3 & 4, 5 to 6) to dance by helping them coordinate movement to music. Ballet position are introduced. All students must be potty trained and able to focus and follow directions.

Beginning Ballet Level 1/Jazz

This class if for the beginning dancer ages 6 to 7 years old.  We will be working on basic ballet movement at the barre and in the center.  Also jazz moves will be introduced. (Jazz is a combination of traditional and contemporary movement)

 Beginning  Ballet Level 2

Students (ages 9 and up ) and at instructor’s approval.

Beginning Ballet Level 3 & 4

This level is for students promoted with the instructor’s approval.

Ballet I

These classes are for students that are more advanced. (Instructor approval)

Ballet II & III

This level is for dedicated students who have 3 years of experience and show drive in developing their skills. Students must take 2 additional ballet classes per week. (Ages 8 and up)(Instructor approval)


Students must have instructor approval to take this class, which factors in technique, ankle strength and body growth. Pointe students must also take 2 additional ballet classes per week.


Students are accepted into the Company class by audition only. If you are interested, please contact Jeanette. All Testify dancers are required to take one Ballet class a week during the summer session.

Divine and Grace

This class is for students specifically selected by the instructor and will meet two Saturdays a month.

Hip-Hop I

Students ages 8 and up learn an urban style movements in Hip-Hop dance

Hip-Hop II

This class is for students selected by the instructor

Hip-Hop III

This class is for students selected by the instructor

Target & Tone at the Barre

The technique protects your joints as it does not involve any bouncing or jumping. Each strengthening section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscle without bulk. The workout launches a full blown attack on the areas of the body all women struggle with: abs, hips, seat and arms.  It defies gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up!

Private Instruction

Please contact Jeanette at or at (440)286-5060 to schedule a private or semi-private lesson. The rate is $15/45 minutes for one student, $25/45 minutes for two students.

Studio Rental

Current students with a registration form on file may contact Jeanette at or at (440)286-5060 to rent the studio for practice. The rate is $30.00/ an hour.



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